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Every occasion remains incomplete without the perfect drink. Whether it is a Sunday brunch, Friday night, wedding, birthday party, or a date, a drink can change the party’s aura and your mood. Although beer and wine are the most common choices for drinks, there are so many other options.

But what if you could order alcohol online? That would be fab, right? When you look for wine delivery near me, you may or may not find any shop, depending on your location. But with platforms like Deliver A Bottle, you can opt for beer and liquor delivery.

But let’s take a look at the various liquor options before you can order alcohol onlineHere’s a list of drinks for different occasions. 


Wine has always been the most elegant drink for sophisticated occasions, both formal or informal. They can make a gathering more fun and livelier. Good wine helps convey a particular emotion, mark the mood of an event, and can be drunk beside a meal.

Choosing the perfect wine can be daunting. When selecting the best wine, be particular about the wine brand that you’re buying.


Beer is the most common alcoholic beverage and is the third most popular drink after water, tea, or coffee. Beer is served on different occasions. Even people on weight-loss or low-carb diets enjoy drinking beer occasionally. It can be both hard or light. 

Hard beer contains 20% alcohol content and can be mixed with other non-alcoholic drinks. While most people prefer sipping beer in its original form, few prefer mixing it with other drinks to escape the harsh taste. But light beers usually do not have too much of an intense flavor.


Champagne is often popped up at family functions and happy occasions. Sparkling wines from wine shops are competing with the original Champagne today. If you want to lighten up the mood of a party and get everyone to loosen up their bodies, champagne is the perfect drink to liven up the party. Or even break the ice at a party.


Whiskey is among the popular alcoholic drinks out there today. It is drunk on various occasions and served at weddings and parties. It is believed that serving whiskey in wedding ceremonies signifies a long-lasting relationship of a couple and an ever-lasting friendship among friends.

It would be best to have a few bottles of whiskey at the party. If you wish to serve your guests with a particular and special brand of whiskey, you can order alcohol online by choosing from the menu.


Vodka has paved its way to many social gatherings and interpersonal interactive sessions. Vodka has a long history to it, and it has been passed on since generation and traditions. People like to indulge in Vodka when they meet up to socialize or simply chill with their buddies to celebrate life.

Additionally, it is also found in birthday parties, wedding occasions, promotion parties, and more. Today, the whole world accepts vodka toasting. Various events are suitable for vodka toasts, such as the birth of a newborn child, good health and long life, a new home, and other happy life events.

Mixed Drinks

While some love to drink traditional alcoholic drinks, others prefer quirking up their drink by mixing it with other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. The most common and the best combination of mixed drinks is gin and tonic. 

In this drink, gin is mixed with tonic water, making it taste like soda water, making it the perfect mixed drink for every occasion. This would make the most appropriate drink for those who like to drink but do not prefer the tacky smell or taste of alcohol or hops.

Final Words 

Now that you have come across the various drink options to choose from for different occasions, you can arrange for a party with multiple drink options. Your guests would love to choose their favorite drink out of the many. 

Also, it would be best to offer choices of drinks to drink with food. For example, red wine complements food well. However, it is also true that people already have one or two preferences fixed for their liquor, and they prefer to drink the same for all occasions. Therefore, you can order alcohol online accordingly.

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