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A gentleman can have a mini cabinet as part of his pride. Whether it’s sob stories, failure updates, anniversary parties, great accomplishments, farewell parties, the kick is that it has to be whisky. Whisky and nothing else. It is classy, and whisky soothes well through your taste buds on every occasion.

Knowing when to drink which bottle of whisky is some valued knowledge you could benefit from. You might have heard the old epitaph ‘the older, the better,’ which is true to a great extent. But there are many nuances to the quality than just their taste. Let’s begin by drinking some tips about choosing whisky wisely.

Whiskey Buying Tips 

Choosing the best whisky for your party or a private celebration is not always easy. The pressure is overwhelming if you want to look the best with your collection of whisky, just like any wine fanatic likes to show off their collection. 

While choosing yourself a bottle of whisky, be mindful that the price may not always reflect the quality. The less expensive and the mid-range whiskeys work for everyday drinking. They are even great for cocktails for a pool party. 

The high-end whiskeys, on the contrary, are meant for reserved drinking environments that you can sip straight or maybe add a splash of water. Nevertheless, the individual preference of how to drink whisky differs from person to person. 

Be mindful of the following factors while choosing your alcohol delivery options from  online whisky delivery services like Deliver A Bottle.

  • Price ranges define the average price rather than the original price at the retailer.
  • Whisky prices are dynamic and may change from time to time.
  • Some bottles may offer the same quantity and quality for a different price.
  • Single malt whiskeys are highly-priced compared to blended whiskeys, especially from the same brand.
  • Old whiskeys taste better, and climate is a huge factor influencing the age factor of whiskeys.
  • Check the YO (Year Old) label on whisky bottles to know their age in the barrel.
  • The NAS (No Age Statement) label on whisky bottles means that they require no age, and the brand chooses not to disclose information.

Different Types Whisky

Whiskies are not limited to a single variation. It has different types and categories within that area. Here is a brief guide to some of the most popular types of whisky enjoyed by many worldwide.

Scotch Whisky

Hundreds of operating distilleries in Scotland brew Scotch Whisky. They let the whisky mature in their barrels for at least three years before being sent off to the retailers. You can then enjoy sipping this high-profile whisky.

Irish Whiskey

As mentioned before, ordering liquor online helps by canceling the waiting time that you would normally get if you were going to get them at the store. However, with a current global pandemic on the rise, standing and waiting in crowds may not be the best idea. 

American Whiskey

American Whiskey is mostly spirit, made of cereal grain. The list of cereals includes rye, wheat, barley, and corn. A third of the American whiskeys are bourbons. Therefore, they are very much different from the rest of the whisky types.


Bourbon is whisky mash with a minimum of 51% corn, and the rest of the spirit is matured in new oak casks. However, there is no limit to how long it is matured in the oak casks. The ones that are matured for more than two years is Straight Bourbon.

Japanese Whiskey

The Japanese Whiskey is nothing else but a blend of traditional flavors such as peat mixed with new, innovative elements like plum wine casks. They are originally 100 years old, which means they go through heavy distillation and are matured for a significant period.

Canadian Whiskey

The Canadian whisky is inclusive of small amounts of rye in their malt versions. Canadians use a mix of barley, wheat grains, and corn to make this spirit. This Whiskey is well-known for its smoothness and the way it blends with your taste buds.

Whisky Is A Dynamic Market!

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